Top 10 best things about College Basketball
Here are the Top 10 greatest things about College Basketball:
  1. Buzzer Beaters

    Those last second desperation shots for a chance at a win keep us all on the edge of our seats. Buzzer beaters and upsets are the most talked about among college basketball fans alike.

    Check out this amazing buzzer beater:

  2. Dick Vitale

    also known as

    • "Dickie V"
    • "Mr. College Basketball"
    • "Duke Vitale"
    • "Dookie V"
    is an ESPN broadcaster known for his wired personality.Image

    He broadcasts great games and rivalries, mainly in the ACC.

    Vitale is a prominent Duke University basketball lover which explains why he was so pissed when his airtime was cut off during the Gonzaga vs Duke game.

    Vitale's famous Catchphrases include:

    • "Diaper Dandy" (an outstanding freshman)
    • "PTPer" (a prime time performer)
    • "Maalox Masher" (the end of a close game)
    • "dipsy-doo dunkeroo slam-jam-bam, baby!" (an exciting slam dunk)
    • "baby!" as in, "It's awesome baby!"

  3. The Selection Show

    aka "Selection Sunday"

    The NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Selection Show will take place on March 11.

    This is the day we all wait for. The day we see if our favorite mid-major or bubble team will get in.

    65 teams are selected. 30 have automatic bids. Leaving the rest up to the selection committee.

  4. Underdogs and Mid-majors Image

    These are teams like the old Gonzaga (before they were nationally known) and the new Butler.

    These are the makings of Cinderella stories. The ones who somehow squeeze into the Sweet 16. The teams we all root for. Everybody loves an Underdog.

  5. March Madness

    or the "Big Dance"

    March madness refers to the excitement that the NCAA college basketball tournament creates.

    With lots of competitive games going on, the race to the final four in March is a thrill ride for all. March can be an enjoyable, but sometimes stressful time for all fans.

  6. Rivalries

    These are the games we love to see.

    The games that will be on national television.

    One of the greatest rivalries in college basketball is North Carolina vs Duke.

    No matter how good each team is, anything can happen in a rivalry. This is usually where you will see alot of upsets.

  7. Upsets

    They happen just about everyday in college basketball.

    Some of the most notable recent upsets include: The Gonzaga upset of #2 North Carolina, UCLA's first loss of the season and Missouri State's win over Wisconsin.

  8. Bobby KnightImage

    aka "The General" (nickname given by Dick Vitale of course)

    Current coach of Texas Tech University and formerly Indiana University Bobby Knight has won more NCAA Division I men's basketball games than any other head coach.

    He is one of NCAA's most controversial coaches, known for his behavior on the court (namely, throwing chairs onto the court).

    Most famous quote: "I want them bury me upside down and my critics can kiss my ass"

  9. Cameron Crazies

    The "Cameron Crazies" is the name given to the student section of Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium.

    The typical "Cameron Crazy" wears blue and white, whether it clothes or body paint.

    The Duke University Student section has earned a reputation as the "rowdiest, wittiest, best-organized college basketball fans in the land."

  10. The Final Four

    The last four teams in the NCAA tournament.

    The final countdown from the original 65.


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