ESPN poor programming decisions
It was the game we were all waiting for

Duke vs Gonzaga

And ESPN screwed it up

ESPN chose to play a somewhat meaningless game that was in overtime and being played very slowly.

Now the match up which both basketball fans and non-basketball fans have been dying to see is half over.

Yeah, the match up may have come a year or two too late with both Morrison and Reddick now in the NBA but the anger and anticipation that I was feeling toward the game and ESPN is clearly present.

ESPN can even start a poll, since they are so good at doing that, and maybe they should have for this game, on which game fans and viewers want to see.

I have always been a fan of ESPN but by not airing the first half of the much anticipated Duke Gonzaga matchup, something needs to be said.

Shame on you ESPN.

While I canít provide a good summary of the game so far, it appears to be an unusual low scoring game between the two offensive powerhouses.

Even Dick Vitale was extremely pissed about not getting his airtime.

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