Best College Football Teams
Here is a look at the Best College Football Programs historically:

MichiganMichigan Football
Winning %: .745
Record: 860-282
Rivals: Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan State

Michigan's football program is the most successful program in college football history, in both wins and winning percentage. Michigan has 11 national titles under its belt, and even won the very first Rose Bowl. The Michigan-Ohio State game that is played every year is known as the greatest rivalry in sports. Michigan also has the largest football-only stadium in the world, with an official capacity of 107,501.

Notre Dame
Winning %: .744
Record: 821-269
Rivals: Penn State, Michigan, Navy, Purdue

Notre Dame has the most national championships of any team and more All-Americans as well. Notre Dame, "the House that Rockne Built", is one of a select few schools to have over 800 wins. Some other schools with 800 wins are Michigan, Yale, Nebraska and Texas. Notre Dame has only had 12 losing seasons in 118 seasons of playing football. Notre Dame has the least amount of losses of any college football program that have been playing for 100+ years. They have had some great players over the years, being tied with USC and Ohio State for the most Heisman trophy winners at 7. Notre Dame also plays in one of the best College football stadiums in the nation.

Winning %: .715
Record: 810-313
Rivals: Oklahoma, Texas A&M

From 1936 to 2006, Longhorn football teams have finished their seasons ranked in the top ten of at least one of the two major polls 25 times, or more than one-third of the time. They have a great tradition of rivalries against Oklahoma and Texas A&M.

Ohio StateOhio State Buckeyes
Winning %: .713
Record: 786-301
Rival: Michigan, Penn State

The Ohio State Buckeyes have 5 national championships. In 2006 Ohio State received a perfect score of 1.000 under the BCS formula, the first team ever to do so. Quarterback Troy Smith was awarded the Heisman Trophy, the seventh time an Ohio State player has been named, tying the current record held by USC and Notre Dame.

Winning %: .704
Record: 803-326
Rivals: Oklahoma

Nebraska has the 4th most all-time victories of any NCAA Division I-A team. Their 3 national championships in D-1 College football over the past 25 years are the second most of any team. They have five all time. Tom Osborne, who was coach for 25 seasons, from 1973 to 1997, had a lot to do with the success of the program. His final record at Nebraska was 255 wins, 49 losses and 3 ties. By the time he was finished the Nebraska coach had compiled a winning percentage of 83.6%, a higher rate than those held by coaching greats such as Paul "Bear" Bryant and Joe Paterno.

Winning %: .709
Record: 780-308
Rival: Auburn, LSU, Tennessee

From having the most bowl wins to having the legendary Bear Bryant coach for 25 years, Alabama has put up some impressive numbers in College Football: 12 national championships, 25 conference championships, 21 SEC championships, 54 post-season bowl game appearances and 30 bowl game victories.

Winning %: .714
Record: 768-292
Rivals: Texas, Oklahoma State, Nebraska

Oklahoma has seven national championships, 40 conference championships, 142 All-Americans, and four Heisman Trophy winners. The program also holds the record for the longest winning streak in Division I football history with 47 straight victories.

Penn State
Winning %: .688
Record: 780-343
Rivals: Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State

Penn State has 4 national championships. Most of the programs success can be credited to Coach Joe Paterno who, in his 42 years of coaching, has compiled a record alone of 371–125–3.

Winning %: .702
Record: 743-300
Rivals: Notre Dame, UCLA, Stanford, Cal

The USC football program has 11 national championships. USC as a whole is quite a successful school. Its entire sports program is quite successful, as its athletic program has won more NCAA men’s titles than any other university. The Trojans have suffered only three losing seasons since 1961 and have captured 36 Pac-10 titles, the 4th most conference championships of any NCAA school, and twice as many as any other Pac-10 team. During Pete Carroll's 6 years as head coach, USC has lost only one game by more than a touchdown, that being a 27-16 loss at Notre Dame in his first season. ESPN named USC the #1 team of the decade for the period between 1996 and 2006. USC is only second behind Alabama for the most Bowl wins ever. USC also has had more NFL Draft picks (67) than any other team.
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