Best College Basketball Teams
Here's a look at some of the winningest teams in College Basketball over the last decade. It's amazing how Gonzaga, once considered a small school (mid-major) has really established themselves as a national player and has really put the city of Spokane on the map, in the basketball world. Of course the basketball powerhouses of Duke, Kansas, Arizona and Florida made the list, but check out some of these other suprises.

The Top 10 College Basketball Teams based on winning percentage:

  1. Duke

    Winning Percentage: .851

    Duke Basketball
    Duke is the Top Program in the Nation

  2. Kansas

    Winning Percentage: .793

    Kansas Jayhawks
  3. Gonzaga

    Winning Percentage: .792

  4. Connecticut

    Winning Percentage: .772

  5. Kentucky

    Winning Percentage: .760

    Kentucky Wildcats
  6. Arizona

    Winning Percentage: .752

  7. Stanford

    Winning Percentage: .750

  8. Florida

    Winning Percentage: .743

  9. Utah State

    Winning Percentage: .741

  10. Illinois

    Winning Percentage: .735

Others that all most made the Top 10:
College of Charleston
Michigan State

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