Top 10 Greatest College Basketball Rivalries
Here are the Top 10 Greatest College Basketball Rivalries:
  1. Duke vs North Carolina - Always a classic and one of the best things about college basketball.
  2. Kentucky vs Louisville - The battle of Kentucky between a couple of basketball schools.
  3. Kansas vs Missouri - Kansas always seems to have a stacked team, but rivalries seem to see alot of upsets.
  4. Texas vs Texas A&M - A huge state known for its football doesn’t damper this heated college basketball rivalry. Look for both of these teams to do well the next few seasons.
  5. Duke vs Maryland - The ACC is full of fast paced, quick scoring teams. The Duke and Maryland rivalry has really been turned up the last couple of years.
  6. Indiana vs Purdue - A Classic Big Ten conference match up.
  7. Cincinnati vs Xavier - Its gotta be a rivalry when the schools are 10 minutes apart.
  8. Florida vs Kentucky - Kentucky has been the better team the last few decades, now its Florida’s time to rule.
  9. Arizona vs UCLA - Two big Pac 10 powerhouses who are historically successful.
  10. Michigan vs Michigan State - Even a better college football rivalry, this rivalry has moved down the list a bit due to a few poor seasons.
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