25 Best Chili Recipes for the Sports Enthusiast

Chili. It's one of Americas greatest dishes with a tradition that goes all the way back to the heart of Texas. Whether you're tailgating or at your Super Bowl Party, nothing satisfies more than a bowl of hearty chili. Chili is great because it combines two things we love: Spiciness and Meat!

  1. Beer and Bacon Chili

    The two ingredients that make this recipe special happen to be the addition of beer and bacon. Although cooking beer in chili may seem unusual to some , you will be surprised by the rich and robust flavor of this recipe.

  2. Habanero Hellfire Chili

    Don't let the name scare you, but you'll want to wear gloves when you're chopping up the Anaheim, Jalapeno, and Habanero Peppers that go into this Chili.

  3. 8 Pepper Chili (Spicy!)

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    Makes a big pot of very meaty, spicy chili. You can always add more than 8 types of peppers, if you can handle it!

  4. Boilmaker Tailgate Chili

    Drawn from the tailgates at Purdue Boilermaker football games, this beef chuck, Italian sausage mix is a combination of many different tomato-based chili recipes.
  5. Original Texas-style Chili

    Nothing to be said here. Your classic Texas-style Chili. Delicious!

  6. Steak Chili

    Steak adds a little more heartiness to a bowl of chili. You can use round steak or other less expensive cuts of beef, but simmer it longer.

  7. Spicy Buffalo Chili

    Buffalo chili is a more healthy chili because it is lower in fat and calories than a beef chili since the meat is leaner.

  8. Smoky Barbeque Chili

    Three kinds of chiles add a little Southwestern flair to this aromatic dish.

  9. Ragin' Cajun Chili

    Andouille sausage gives this chili a Cajun kick. Also includes chicken and pork.

  10. Spicy Red Pork and Bean Chili

    The bacon, coffee, and spices in this recipe mix surprisingly well. Dark beer can also be substituted for coffee.

  11. Chipotle Chili

    The presence of chipotles and their sauce means spicy goodness. The sauce can make the lips tingle.

  12. "Route 66" Chili

    This is mainly a pork chili. Also includes enchilada sauce and a bottle of amber ale.

  13. Pedernales River Chili

    Known as President Lyndon Johnson's favorite chili recipe, it was named after the location of his Texas ranch. This recipe calls for venison, providing a delicious, lean taste.

  14. Chile Verde

    Tired of Red Chili? Try this green chili recipe!

  15. Four-Bean Chili

    This dish is pleasing to the eye and to the palate! You can easily adjust the spices to suit your taste.

  16. Cincinnati-Style Chili

    Most Cincinnati chili is very thin (not thick like regular chili) and is used as a topping for pasta and hot dogs. It resembles a meat spaghetti sauce and usually not as spicy hot but still with a rich flavor. Traditionally, a small measure of chocolate and/or cinnamon is added to give Cincinnati-style chili its distinctive flavor.

  17. Great White (Chicken) Chili

    A white chicken chili rumored to be created by Willie Nelson.

  18. Southern Chili

    When it comes from the South, and it has to do with food, you know its gonna be good!

  19. No-Bean Chili

    Perfect for all you No-Bean Chili lovers.

  20. Southwest Chili

    You don't have to be a cook to make this low-carb chili; it's very easy to make.

  21. Seafood Chili Blanco

    A unique and delicious twist on the standard white bean chili, this recipe combines shrimp, scallops and mahi-mahi with sautéed garlic, green and red peppers, jalapeños and white cannellini beans for a hearty, protein packed chili.

  22. Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

    Talk about quick comfort, this half-hour chili satisfies like the best of them, especially when topped with your favorite fixings.

  23. Pork and Pinto Bean Chili

    This is a really different kind of Chili. Peppers and spice infuse this pork and pinto bean chili with lots of flavor.

  24. Turkey and Bean Chili

    When listing 25 different chili recipes, we had better include one made with turkey.

  25. Louisville-style Chili

    A hearty chili served over spaghetti. Louisville-style chili is spicier than Cincinnati-style but in general, it is not as spicy as Texas-style.
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