2007 NCAA College Basketball Selection Sunday
March Madness 2007 is here!

NCAA tournament Selection Show Sunday Is your team "on the bubble"?

Selection Sunday for the 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament is on March 11, 2007.

The Selection Show airs on ESPN and CBS.

This is the most anticipated college basketball show where we find out if our team is one of the 65 teams that will enter the tournament.

The NCAA selection committee is appointed by the NCAA and consists of 10 athletic directors and conference commissioners throughout the NCAA.

30 of the 65 Teams will have automatic bids from winning their respective conference tournaments, leaving the rest of the teams for the tournament for At Large bids, as selected by the Selection Committee.

The At Large Bids are largely based on RPI (Ratings Percentage Index), Strength of schedule, record against ranked teams, progression over the year and overall win-loss record.

Some of the best leagues who will get the most bids this year are the Pac 10, Big East, and the ACC.

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